It is time for rest for everybody in the group at year-end party.


Young scientists!
Welcome back to Suchakree (Dew) who has returned to do research during this first semester break. Two more students Paweesuda Keepanawattana (Pin) and Chanikarn Chancharoen (View) from Dept. of Biotechnology also came to join the team during the break. All of them are the 2nd year undergraduate students. They have been working on synthesis of nanoparticles.

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Supansa attended the NanoThailand 2014 conference to present her work on "Effect of titanium dioxide on cell viability and cell apoptosis of human T-lymphocytes". She won the second place of a poster competition under the theme nanotechnology in human health. By the meantime, we also had a guest from Kumamoto University Japan, Prof.Takuro Niidome, visiting us.


The collaborative work with Dr. Annette Dowd and Prof. Michael Cortie from University of Technology Sydney, Australia was published in Trends in Biotechnology(1). Another collaborative work with Prof. Takuro Niidome from Kumamoto University, Japan has been accepted to be published in Nanoscale (2).

1. Dowd A., Pissuwan D., Cortie B. M. Optical readout of the intracellular environment using nanoparticle transducers, Trends in Biotechnology, 2014, 32(11), pp.571–577.
2. Pissuwan D., Niidome, T. Polyelectrolyte-coated gold nanorods and their biomedical applications, Nanoscale, In Press.

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A new comer!
It is a great pleasure to welcome a new student, Sunisa Chaicherd (Ann), joining the group. Ann has a background in biology from Silpakorn University and she is now currently in her first year of her Master course of Toxicology Program, MUSC. She has started in our team, doing research on nanotoxicology.

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Research meeting!
Supunsa had a poster presentation of her PhD work at a research meeting "Innovation for Safety and Wellness".

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Welcome and Good Bye!
It is a great pleasure to welcome Suchakree Tubtimkuna (Dew) to be the part of Nanobiotechnology&Nanobiomaterials. Dew is an undergraduate student from Dept. of Chemistry, MUSC. He just finished his first year in the university. During the semester break, he decided to do research on biocompatibility of nanomaterials. Dew has investigated how nanomaterials affect cell morphology and cell activity. The time flies so quickly; Dew will be back for the second year of his study. We wish Dew good luck in his second year in the university.

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