This month Patinya Sukwongs and Dr. Dakrong Pissuwan joined International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (NANO-15) in India. Patinya Sukwongs gave a talk entitled “Effect of TiO2 nanoparticles on C6 glioma cell destruction”.

By the meantime, Dr. Dakrong Pissuwan presented the work entitled “TiO2 nanoparticles and their impact on mouse and human immune cells”. Her presentation was awarded for the third prize under the theme Bio-nanomaterials for Biomedical Technology.

Dr. Dakrong Pissuwan also contributed as a session chair of Advance Nanomaterials: Synthesis and Application at NANO-15, India.

Finally, the end of the year 2015 , our Nanobiotechnology&Nanobiomaterials Research Group went out for Bōnenkai again.

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MU Open House !
Our group joined MU Open House of Multidisciplinary Unit to introduce the Study Program, gold nanoparticles, and other types of nanoparticles.

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A Welcome Party for Kanate & Nattapon!

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Welcome Kanate Thitiananpakorn !
He has joined our group as a short-term researcher.



A welcome party for Adeep!

More training completion!

Suchakree and Chanikarn completed their short research trainings.  This round Suchakree tried to synthesis core/shell nanoparticles. Chanikarn involved in three different nanotechnology researches.  We thank for their contribution to N-BMR group and wish them the best on their third year of study.

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Dakrong received research support from TRF-RSA

Training completion!

Sirinapa completed her work on synthesizing short gold nanorods using a new technique modified from J. Mater. Chem. C, 2014, 2, 4989-4996. Sirinapa went back to continue her study at Thaksin University. We wish her the best of luck for her final year at Thaksin University.

Thank you very much to Associate Professor Worapot Suntornsuk for inviting our group to attend an interesting talk entitled "Use of a simple soap bubble to create nano-objects".

Joint meeting in Nano Research #1

Our group had the first joint meeting in Nano Research with two talent research groups from Department of Biochemistry (Dr. Kanlaya Prapainop) and Forensic (Dr. Achirapa Bandhaya) at MUSC.

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Graduate students and student trainees of our group had a good chance to learn how to coat copper grids at Center of Nanoimaging, MUSC.  Thank you to K. Boy for spending time to traning students.

It is our pleasure to welcome our new member, Sirinapa Dokduang from Thaksin University to be a part of our research group. Sirinapa is a biology undergraduate student. She will be with us for one month and a half.  We also welcome Dew and View for returning back to our research group again during their summer break. Three of them are now working on nanomaterial synthesis and application.

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A welcome party for Porntida!

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Congratulations to Supunsa!
Congratulations to Supunsa for receiving Pitch’s Idea award. She did well on her talk entitled “Gold nanoparticles in biomedical application” in Young Scientist Forum, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University.

Songkran (Thai New Year)!
Our group prepared food for monks during Songkran period and did the traditional water pouring.


Welcome to our new member!
It is a great pleasure to welcome our new member, Porntida Wattanakull (Peung). Peung graduated from KMUTT, Thailand. Currently, she is a Master student of Materials Science and Engineering Program at Mahidol University (MUSC). She has started in our team, doing research on using nanomaterials for therapeutic application.

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Congratulations to Patinya!
Patinya presented his PhD research in Young Scientists Forum and received the best presentation award.

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Training completion!
Suchakree, Paweesuda, and Chanikarn finished their research training. They presented their work in a Nanobiotechnolohy&Nanobiomaterials group.Spherical gold nanoparticle synthesis and its surface were presented by Paweesuda. By the meantime, Chanikarn presented her work on producing of nanoparticles in wax. Lastly, Suchakree presented how to synthesize gold nanorods using a new technique.

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