The last lab meeting of year 2020.

On December 19, 2020, we spent time with Materials Science and Innovator Camp 20. This is the second camp for high school students who are interested to have an idea how to be an innovator in the area of materials science. The camp was a team work organised by School of Materials Science and Innovation. All students have a chance to do the practical section related to students interest. Our team here provides the practical class on how to synthesize 20 nm gold nanoparticles in combination with an overview of nanoparticles and their applications. At the end, students could understand what can be called as nanoparticles and have some ideas of the benefits of nanoparticles. We are so great to have these students with us ! Everybody did a great job with the part of gold nanoparticle synthesis.

On 15th December 2020, the Director of School of Materials Science and Innovation (Assoc. Prof. Toemsak Srikhirin), the Program Director of PhD in Materials Science and Engineering (Assoc. Prof. Dakrong Pissuwan), Faculty members of the program, current PhD students, alumni , and program support staff spent time together for the AUNQA- site visit of the Doctor of Philosophy program in Materials Science and Engineering (International program). We thank internal audit committees and Faculty of Science for kind visit and support.

Ontana Yotnarong (Nana) and Sasima Chotithammakul (Boom) attended Smartmat 2020 (The 5th international conference on smart materials and nanotechnology), Pattaya,Thailand during December 1-4, 2020.

On 4 December 2020, N-BMR members participated in making a merit and giving alms for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great's birthday anniversary at the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University.


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On November 25, 2020 we had a group meeting with a special talk of students from Samsenwittayalai School. Momo, Bamee, and Kwankao joined N-BMR lab for their high-school science research project. They worked on using silver nanoparticles for coating polyurethane sheet and investigate antibacterial property of the coated sheet. All of them did an excellence work and we wish them the best of luck for their next step to enter the university.

Associate Prof. Dakrong Pissuwan, Master and PhD students (N-BMR members) in Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Program had a meeting with R&D and marketing team of Nippon Paint for our Industrial-Linkage Project. Thanks to Nippon's team for being kind to all of us.

LABmade: Soaps with 3 formulas containing gold nanoparticles.

On 7 November 2020. N-BMR Lab joined MUSC Open House 2020.

Congratulations to new graduated students of Materials Science and Nano Engineering Undergraduate Program, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University and N-BMR members. Wishing all of you to have a great achievement for your next journey!

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During August 3-5, 2020, Assoc. Prof. Dakrong Pissuwan and the team from N-BMR lab provided a training course entitled "Bioconjugation Technique of Gold Nanoparticles" to the staff from company. The bioconjugation technique is a useful technique that can be applied in diagnostic tool development, therapeutic application, and others.

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  The use of nanomaterials to stimulate plant growth is a part of our research. Bow, an undergraduate student of Materials Science and Nano Engineering Program, has worked on this project. We thank to our collaborator Asst. Prof. Sujin Jiracheewanun at Faculty of Industrial Education and Techonology (Mechanical Technology Education), KMUTT for a kind support.

On July 22, 2020 we had a great chance to meet with K. Pattada Samakkee (Managing Director) and her team from Living Fresh Farm. Assoc. Prof. Dakrong Pissuwan had a great research and business discussion together with the company. Thank you so much for visiting us. Our students Kus (PhD student) and Meemee (Undergraduate student) also had a great chance to present their works on biomaterials for food industry to the company.

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