Drug delivery

  • Transdermal delivery using gold nanoparticles


The enhancement of a high molecular weight protein (Ovalbumin; OVA) penetration based on the photothermal effect of a surfactant-protein-gold nanorod complex was addressed. When the surfactant-protein-gold nanorod complex was applied to the skin in vitro and irradiated by a near infrared (NIR) light, OVA was delivered through the skin and also induced an immune response in vivo. This combination provides a new approach for trandermal delivery and skin vaccination of high molecular weight proteins/drugs.
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  • Iron oxide particles for gene delivery

Iron oxide nanoparticles (developed by Dr Cyrille Boyer and his colleagues) for gene delivery was done. In vitro transfection was performed to see the efficiency of particles for siRNA delivery. It was found that the particles would be effective for siRNA trasnfection agent and the particles shown to be non toxic to the human neuroblastoma cells that were used in this study.
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